Solutions for Encryption, Authentication & Digital Signatures

Be empowered to work efficiently, communicate effectively, improve corporate and regulatory compliance, and use online products and services securely. The Entrust Entelligence product portfolio is a suite of solutions that delivers multiple security layers, enabling strong authentication, digital signatures and encryption.

Ensure compliance, secure communication and reduce the burden on IT support staff. Comprised of four distinct security solutions, the Entrust Entelligence security portfolio is the perfect complement to a strong identity-based security strategy.

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Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server

Seamless Email Encryption

Entrust makes it easy to safely communicate with external business partners and customers. Shipped as a hardened appliance, the Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server delivers standards-based email encryption capabilities in a comprehensive platform.

Easy for Third Parties

Automatically encrypt email before it is delivered to external recipients without requiring any additional desktop software or end-user action. Plus, integrate with third-party content-scanners as required.

Stress-Free Maintenance

This email security solution, which also can secure PDF e-statements, is easy to deploy and maintain for organizations that communicate sensitive or regulated information — both inside and outside their organization — via e-mail.

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Entrust Entelligence Group Share

Automatic Network Folder Encryption

To help reduce the risk of a data breach, Entrust Entelligence Group Share provides a convenient solution for securing shared data on corporate networks. Using automatic, transparent and persistent encryption, the solution helps enterprises prevent data breaches, maintain regulatory compliance and securely share intellectual property.

360-Degree Encryption

For security-conscious organizations, it’s crucial that sensitive files, corporate data, documents and information are secure when stored both on the network and while in transit — all while maintaining seamless access to these files for the trusted workgroup. Entrust Entelligence Group Share makes this possible, and without introducing any administrative burden to the workgroup.

Patented Technology

Entrust uses patented group key technology, which centrally tracks and controls access to data by workgroup members, enabling organizations to quickly and easily make permission changes as their organization naturally evolves, without adding a layer of administrative effort.

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Security for
Third Parties

Entrust Entelligence Solo

Secure Data Exchange

Enable the easy, secure data exchange between trusted parties. Built using the Entrust Entelligence Security Provider enterprise platform, Entrust Entelligence Solo allows users to generate and exchange a personal digital ID that can then be used for secure data exchange between Entrust enterprise customers and Solo users.

PKI Not Required

Entrust Entelligence Solo does not require infrastructure or connectivity to a corporate PKI. Simply install the solution, generate your secure digital ID, and start encrypting and signing.

Easy for Novice Users

Even novice users can distribute certificates for simple encryption with third parties. A straightforward right-click option pre-populates an email with the appropriate certificates and instructions, simplifying certificate exchange for staff with limited encryption knowledge.

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Digital ID

Entrust Entelligence Security Provider

Automatic Enterprise ID Management

Entrust Entelligence Security Provider offers automatic management of an organization’s digital IDs. This enables necessary enterprise security capabilities — including encryption, digital signatures, authentication and secure file deletion — via a single managed digital identity. Address a broad set of application security requirements from a single client-based solution.

These capabilities can be used within a number of authentication applications, as well as data encryption and secure email clients. The easy-to-manage security infrastructure requires minimal administrative involvement and has little to no impact on end-users.

Integration with Microsoft® Applications

Entrust Entelligence Security Provider may be integrated with both Microsoft® Windows® and Microsoft® Outlook®. The platform serves as a digital ID management client for the Entrust Authority Security Manager certification authority (CA), which seamlessly delivers a managed Entrust digital ID, for users and/or for machines, to the native Microsoft Windows security architecture.

Stronger Enterprise Security

Protect digital user identities and enforce centrally controlled security policies to help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Strong, certificate-based authentication ensures only authorized identities, machines and devices are permitted access to your assets, networks and other information.

One ID, Many Uses

A single Entrust digital ID extends to secure a wide range of today’s applications, including strong VPN authentication, Web portals, email, e-forms and more.

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