Entrust IdentityGuard
Cloud Services Smart Credentials

Multipurpose Smartcards, USB Tokens & Mobile Smart Credentials

Consolidate the issuance and management of multipurpose smartcards, USB tokens and mobile smart credentials. The credentialing process is simplified, allowing organizations to quickly realize the benefits of smart credential technology.

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Entrust IdentityGuard Cloud Services Smart Credentials

Cloud Credentials SecurityOne of the most secure and simple-to-use methods for strong authentication is achieved via multipurpose smartcards. Unfortunately, many smartcard solutions require too many point products, are complex and place a heavy burden on IT.

Produce and manage a single unified identity credential for each person associated with an enterprise, government agency or citizen population. Enroll identities, activate credentials via over-the-air enrollment, handle day-to-day management, print credentials and even mail smartcards and USBs to end-users — all from the cloud.

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Why Entrust?

Entrust’s smart credential service is the proven, end-to-end cloud solution for consolidating identity-based credentials. Smartcards are printed with digital identities in a secure facility, delivered and distributed following simple guidelines for identity-proofing.

Unlike other solutions in the market, Entrust’s cloud-based credentialing service includes all necessary components, including identity-vetting, data capture, personalization, printing, issuance and revocation.

Entrust makes it simple to manage the entire credential life-cycle for an organization, eliminating complexity and displacing the need for multiple vendors for a single, cost-effective service.

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Entrust’s comprehensive platform approach enables organizations to issue and manage smartcard populations — whether locally or across the globe. This seamless method makes it efficient to displace outgoing legacy systems or simply issue a credential for a new employee — all from a comprehensive cloud service.


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