Entrust Webcast: Leveraging Mobile Devices for Strong Authentication

July 18, 2011 by David Mahdi     No Comments

Security-conscious organizations and enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to secure various mobile devices that flood corporate networks. With handheld devices heavily leveraged to access corporate networks and sensitive information, CIOs must consider their authentication strategies for any number of evolving channels.

I  hosted a webcast July 13, for those seeking information on leveraging mobile devices with strong authentication. I tried to help organizations evaluate the many options and opportunities made possible by the increased reliance on mobile devices in the enterprise.

It was well received and I ended up taking many conversations offline………

I discussed topics such as:

-Case-by-case uses of Mobile phones as authenticator (as it varies organization to organization)

-RSA concerns, and how Entrust can help

-Our token replacement program


Entrust senior product manager David Mahdi specializes in Entrust’s mobile and cloud security solutions. He is an experienced IT security professional with more than 10 years in IT security, software engineering and product management. David played a key role in shaping Entrust’s mobile strategy, which included mobile authentication, strong mobile identity, mobile device management and mobile devices in the national ID/ePassport space. David spends most of his time conducting research on the mobile and cloud market, as well as conducting seminars on IT security. Prior to Entrust, David was a product strategist at Sophos, where he led efforts to increase Sophos' presence in the gateway security space. He is a well-versed information security professional for PKI, SSL, mobile, cloud, NFC, PACS/LACS, gateway security (Web/Email), malware, encryption and network security.

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