UC Multi-Domain SSL Certificates


More Domains. One Certificate.

Secured By Entrust LogoEntrust UC Multi-Domain SSL Certificates enable you to secure multiple domains, sub-domains or hostnames with a single SSL certificate — saving you time and money when compared to buying individual certificates.

And if you buy today, Entrust will double your domains — from three to six — for each certificate. Entrust offers you more domains than the competition, helping you save money as your organization’s security requirements evolve.

Call +1-866-267-9297 to get three extra domains — free.

Double My Domains

When Fast, Reliable SSL Matters.

250 vs. 100

Entrust UC Multi-Domain SSL Certificates are powerful enough to secure up to 250 domains on a single certificate. The competition? Just 100. That equals thousands of dollars in savings when Entrust multi-domain certificates are scaled across your organization.

Unlimited Servers

Save time and resources by installing Entrust UC Multi-Domain SSL Certificates on an unlimited number of servers. This allows you to leverage a single certificate for load-balancing purposes or to secure pilot, test and production environments.

Reliable Uptime

You rely on your website. That’s why Entrust provides you with a dependable service that’s powered by a fast, trusted and reliable revocation process. Revocation services, which vary between CAs, are critical to customer security. When there’s an outage of an OCSP service or the revocation check doesn’t receive a response, the affected Web page will not load.

Fast SSL Service. Powered by World-Class Support.

Cloud-Based Services

From automated certificate discovery to end-to-end control, Entrust provides easy-to-use certificate management — right from the cloud. Entrust’s cloud-based services help organizations reduce costs, simplify management, avoid compliance ramifications and defend against data breaches.

Back for More

Did you know that 98.5 percent of Entrust Certificate Management customers renew their SSL digital certificates? Whether it’s the one-on-one support, easy-to-use online interface or the comprehensive management capabilities, Entrust SSL customers understand the value of dedicated service.

Dedicated Managers

No matter which certificate you purchase, Entrust Certificate Services offer dedicated relationship managers — someone you can contact directly if an SSL resolution is required. It’s the stress-free way of fixing any certificate challenges you find along the way.

Double My Domains+1-866-267-9297

For the purposes of this promotion, the term domain is defined as a website host name or subdomain (e.g., www.entrust.net). Offer available to both new and existing customers. To be eligible to receive this offer, customer must purchase an Entrust UC certificate at which time they will receive three (3) SANS at no cost, in addition to the three (3) SANS supplied with the standard purchase of a UC certificate. Discount may only be applied to the purchase of list-priced certificates and may not be applied with any other offer. A minimum purchase of one (1) UC certificate is required. The discount will only be available via an Entrust Certificate Management Service (CMS) account. To receive the discount, the order must be placed exclusively through an Entrust representative between the business hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern. The discount is applied only to the digital certificate fee. Applicable taxes are not discounted. This limited-time offer is valid beginning August 19, 2013, and will expire on December 31, 2013. This offer does not apply to any online orders.