Securing Digital Identities & Information

Entrust Digital Certificates — Quick Comparison

From extended validation (EV) SSL certificates to advanced code-signing or Adobe CDS technology, Entrust Certificate Services provides one of the most diverse certificate offerings available on the market today. More affordable than the industry leader, Entrust SSL certificates can also be easily managed via the online Certificate Management Service.


EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

  • Highest level of assurance available by securing most sensitive online transactions
  • Real-time verification of business identity
  • Secure multiple domains with one EV certificate


  • Secures Web servers
  • Contains extensions for server authentication


  • Capabilities of Standard SSL certificates, but also secures browser-to-server information and includes unlimited re-issue guarantee within certificate lifetime

UC Multi-Domain

  • Secures Microsoft® Exchange® and Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007®
  • Secures multiple domains with a single certificate


  • Secure an entire domain with one certificate
  • Protect any number of sub-domains such as www.company.com, dev.company.com, mail.company.com, etc
  • A great combination of flexibility and value, allowing system admins to future proof the addition of more sub-domains while easing management

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Adobe CDS Signing Certificates

  • Use publicly trusted digital signatures to sign Adobe PDF files with confidence
  • Recipients feel more confident by seeing the visual trust indicators that verify who published the document and whether it’s been altered.
  • Available in four versions — Individual, Group, Enterprise Lite and Enterprise Pro

Code Signing

  • Authenticate the source and verify the content integrity of code that is downloaded from the Internet
  • Certificates provide assurance that customers are installing code or applications as they were intended.

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Secure Email Personal

  • General-use digital identity
  • Low cost non-identity assurance usage for individuals wishing to secure email and sign Office documents

Secure Email Pro

  • Digital ID for person representing an Enterprise
  • For identities representing Organizations wishing to sign/encrypt email and sign Office documents where a Class 2 level of identity assurance is required

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