You Can’t Defend Against What You Can’t Detect: Malicious Signals in Legitimate Noise

February 4, 2014 by Jason Soroko     No Comments

 As a CIO, CISO, or anyone else who has to defend a corporate environment from malicious activity, there are many point solutions to spend your budget on. A lot of these technologies are really good and there certainly is no shortage of them.  

 Walk around a vendor floor of any large security conference and you could easily be convinced that there are ways to actually defend a corporate environment, especially when employed in systematic layers. If your budget can afford the staff to implement and use these tools, you really will catch the bad guy on your network. But you might not catch them all, and you might not catch them before they have reached their target.

Why are malicious groups, online criminals and rogue hackers so difficult to detect? It has a lot to do with the underlying nature of the technologies we use every day and how it allows a malicious actor to blend in with the legitimate things that happen on your desktop and on your network. 

 This three-part series will educate how criminal organizations still seem to be able to bypass all those security layers and make new breach headlines every day.  

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Jason Soroko


Jason Soroko is Head of Malware Research for Entrust. Soroko has spent more than 10 years with Entrust in various developer or architect roles. As malware becomes more advanced, the need for Entrust to understand evolving threats requires considerable investment. Soroko frequents security conferences and tradeshows to educate the industry on identity-based security and ensures Entrust stays at the forefront of understanding this offensive capabilities possessed by today’s malicious actors. Prior to joining Entrust, Jason worked in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the oil and gas industry.

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